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Teaching Experience Essay How To Write

by Rosental

rnTwo many years later, the perpetrator has been located. Michel Shaw.

rnIt has been two many years considering that Holly’s death. my, it has been tricky, but now.

Gus said. It has and has been even harder for me. my Holly, my daughter is gone…rnrn”The thousand accidents of Fortunato I experienced borne as I best could, but when he ventured on insult, I vowed revenge” (one) is the opening line of this brief tale.

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In Edgar Allan Poe’s “A Cask of Amontillado” we understand of a man who seeks revenge on an previous friend, a male who experienced insulted him. The story does not give information of what was claimed but the Narrator is established on in search of revenge. rnDon’t squander time! Our writers will make an unique “Revenge In The Cask of Amontillado” essay for you whith a 15% low cost. rnThroughout the tale, reader is under no circumstances explained to specifically what Fortunato did to have earned such vengeance on him.

Is Montressor trusted? Is it feasible that whatever crimes Fortunato is considered to have dedicated be imagined or exaggerated. A single point for sure is that Fortunado experienced no short essay on holi in hindi language plan of Montressor’s anger. He is telling the story fifty years after it took place so it is possible that some of the specifics have not been remembered accurately. rnEdgar Allan Poe’s “The Cask of Amontillado” is a frightening and disturbing quick tale about the repercussions that result from persistent insults and an unforgiving soul.

This is apparent in the opening line when the narrator will make it apparent that the insult is what right led to his unquenchable motivation for revenge. If a person is so established to get revenge, could he have performed this before?. An vital aspect of his revenge lies in preserving the physical appearance of being harmless so that he is not billed with murder.

In his eyes, if he was caught, the act of revenge would not have been a good results. rnThe theme of revenge in the story is solid in the course of.

. Poe hardly ever clarifies why Montresor carries so considerably hatred and animosity toward Fortunato. This provides the story more suspense. And we are left to ponder why Montresor has so a great deal hatred to Fortunato. The story starts with Montresor outlining the he has been horribly insulted.

In his revengeful thoughts, each and every time he sees a human being who has wronged him, he functions as if there is nothing mistaken and that he does not hold a grudge. rnrnShit Porky, claimed Joe They know we’re right here! Seize the cash and lets’ get the hell out before they uncover out who we seriously are!rnGive me a couple a lot more minutes. Frankie will have our asses if we get caught, replied Porky. Hold out is this a baseball bat less than the counter?rnDon’t waste time! Our writers will generate an original “Revenge For My Sons” essay for you whith a fifteen% low cost. rnJoe replies, You idiot, it’s not a baseball bat, it is a ticking time bomb. Overlook the funds let’s go away! Now Por. rnBut, it was much too late.

Porky Grimes and Joe Grimes obtained blown to pieces by a time bomb. Only fragments of limbs ended up still left of them.

But, this was no incident. A person realized the two would be at that exact keep at that precise time, to send out a message to The Household. There were other methods to send out a concept, but that was just monstrous. My two sons failed to are worthy of to go out like this. They died the night of January 31, 1923. Avenging their fatalities was then our top priority. rnI am Frankie Grimes, the boss of the most significant Italian mob on the japanese seaboard, in any other case recognised as The Family members.

Quizlet Henri Fayol 14 Principles Of Management Essay

by Rosental

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Chinese mail order wives – Pakistani brides rue marrying ‘rich’ Chinese

by Rosental

Chinese mail order wives – Pakistani brides rue marrying ‘rich’ Chinese

The seeds of the problem were sown three decades ago.

In the years following the Cultural Revolution, the People’s Republic of China put into effect its one-child policy.

Under its purview, every couple was limited to just one offspring.

While the policy itself finally ended in 2015, its effects did not.

First among these effects was selective abortion, as well as the alleged killing of infant girls seen as a burden rather than an asset to the family.

None of that is or should be news to Pakistanis, who often hear of cases of newborn girls being killed and their bodies thrown into garbage heaps in their own country.

The World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report, 2018, showed the sex ratio in China as 0.94 female to one male.

Not only is this a problem in numerical terms (the men who were born and grew up during the one-child policy era now need brides), it is also one in sociological terms.

The same, mostly male, generation (instead of the natural 50:50 male-to-female ratio) is experiencing greater economic prosperity than ever before.

As relations between China and Pakistan have matured into unprecedented closeness, it seems that many Pakistani women have become unwittingly embroiled in a crisis that shows few signs of abating.

In the past several months, reports have emerged of Pakistani women being married off to Chinese men and being sold into prostitution once they are in China.

In the most recent report that came to light last month, two girls, Samina and Tasawur Bibi, from Kot Momin in Sargodha district reported that their own poverty-stricken parents married them off to two Chinese men.

The men said that they were Muslim and that they would keep the girls in Lahore and not take them to China.

They also said that they would help their families start some businesses and improve their lives. None of this happened.

When the girls got to Lahore, they reportedly found that the men were operating a brothel under the guise of a marriage bureau.

The men had faked everything including their religion. Sadly, as we hear of many other cases, the story seems fairly typical though the details can vary.

The case of Rabia Kanwal that was reported in the New York Times involved a woman and her family who were lied to.

Her husband said that he was Muslim and was a wealthy farmer.

According to Ms Kanwal, she was then flown to China and ended up in Hunan province after a short stop in Urumqi in Xinjiang province.

There she was surprised to find that her husband was not the wealthy man he had pretended to be but a poor duck farmer.

Ms Kanwal said she wanted to leave, something she was eventually able to do with the help of the Pakistani embassy.

When the Times talked to her husband, he said he was rich and claimed that he had only become Muslim on paper for the purposes of marrying her.

In yet another variation on trafficking, sometimes the women report actually being taken to China where they are sold into prostitution.

Pakistani marriage brokers are also allegedly working and arranging marriages between girls of poor families and Chinese men who are coming to Pakistan to work on various projects.

The men apparently stay in various rental properties until the marriage takes place and then leave with the women.

In raids carried out by the FIA, several Chinese individuals have been arrested on charges of operating brothels or trafficking women.

In recent weeks, the media attention garnered by the issue has led Chinese officials to denounce allegations that Pakistani brides were being trafficked to China.

Along with the statements, videos of Pakistani women married to Chinese men were released.

In the videos, the women who may or may not have actually been married to the Chinese men declare in Urdu how happy they are.

The men do not say anything at all but stay in the frame the entire time.

Whether or not the videos are authentic, it is true that China’s woman deficit has previously led to women being trafficked from other regional countries, such as Myanmar.

In a statement, the rights watchdog Human Rights Watch also attested that the pattern of trafficking appeared to be very similar.

There is no doubt that the Chinese government needs to do much more to crack down on this problem by monitoring Chinese men who pass through immigration with Pakistani brides.

At the same time, the Pakistani government and Pakistani society in general also need to give some serious thought to what they expect out of their exchange with China.

It is sad that closer relations between the two countries, with men from China coming to Pakistan to work on the Belt and Road Initiative, has created a situation where women find themselves vulnerable to trafficking.

But it is not very surprising, given the fact that many of the Chinese workers come from a society where not everyone can marry (especially because of the shortage of women).

The result of all this is the victimisation of unsuspecting Pakistani women.

Beyond the human trafficking dimension, Pakistanis also need to think long and hard about their terms of cultural exchange with China.

It is quite one thing to accept Chinese money and laud Chinese projects, it is quite another to embrace a culture that is qualitatively different from Pakistan’s own.

Until now, this is probably the least considered aspect of Pakistan’s turn towards China.

Unless it is attended to, women will continue to bear the brunt of the two governments looking away every time they are exploited.

It is about time that both governments worked together to come up with an effective strategy to stop this practice.

Pakistan said it has busted a criminal ring that trafficked young women to China, arresting eight Chinese nationals and four Pakistanis suspected of human trafficking.

‘The gang members confessed that they have sent at least 36 Pakistani girls to China where they are being used for prostitution,’ Jameel Ahmad, a top official at Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency, said on Monday, Reuters reported.

The cases in Pakistan highlight what Human Rights Watch has called a ‘disturbingly similar pattern’ of women being trafficked to China for sham marriages from at least five other Asian countries.

Over the years, similar cases of trafficking of young and underprivileged girls have been reported in Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, North Korea and Vietnam.

Ly Thi My, a Vietnamese mother showing a photograph of her missing daughter Di, whom the mother believed have been kidnapped and may have sold to China. Photo: AFP/Nhac Nguyen

In Myanmar, hundreds of women and girls are sold to Chinese families as ‘brides’ every year and held in sexual slavery, often for years, according to Human Rights Watch.

Smugglers often lure women with false promises of employment in China.

A 24-year-old North Korean woman crossed into China with the help of a broker who promised her a job as a waitress. But she was locked inside a house and forced to live with a Chinese man, the South China Morning Post reported in 2017.

China has 31.6 million more men than women, according to the latest data from the National Bureau of Statistics, the result of a combination of its decades-long one-child policy and a cultural tradition that favors sons.

Last month, Ary News, a Pakistani news station, uncovered a matchmaking center in the process of transiting six women and girls to China as brides.

The women’s families received $2,800 each and were promised $280 per month in future payments, plus a China visa for a male family member, according to the broadcaster.

A Cambodian woman of a forced marriage to a Chinese man sitting with her mother on the steps of their family home in Phnom Penh. Photo: AFP/Tang Chhin Sothy

In response, the Chinese embassy in Islamabad said that Chinese authorities have been working with law enforcement in Pakistan to crack down on illegal matchmaking activities.

In 2017, the US State Department categorized China as being among the worst offenders for human trafficking and forced labor.

Rabia* got married to a Chinese man last October at her home in Faisalabad, a northeastern Pakistani city famous for its textile mills.

“My parents were happy and they told me that the Chinese man is rich and handsome and will keep you happy,” she told Anadolu Agency over the phone.

But when she reached China two months later, she was shocked.

“In Pakistan, a local pastor who played a role as an agent in my marriage, told my parents that the man has converted to Christianity, has a huge house in China, and will keep your daughter happy. But when I reached there he took me to a small house and confined me to a room,” she added.

Rabia is among the hundreds Pakistani women, mostly from the minority Christian community, who Pakistani authorities fear have become victim to a bride trafficking racket run by a Chinese gang.

The men pose as affluent professionals looking for a bride and use the marriage for cross-border human trafficking — often selling off the vulnerable women in a foreign country to prostitution dens or organ harvesting groups, rights groups claim.

There has been an influx of Chinese nationals in the South Asian nation, with Beijing bringing multi-billion dollars of investment in Pakistan through the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), a network of roads and railways under its ambitious Belt and Road initiative. Entire localities in mega-cities have now been rented out by Chinese citizens and restaurants and even a Chinese-language daily have been launched to cater to their needs.

“I faced a tough time there. He had not converted to Christianity, neither was he rich. I returned to Pakistan last month,” Rabia added.

She refuses to share any further details about her days spent in China but says she is pregnant.

Saleem Iqbal, an activist for the Christian community in Pakistan, told Anadolu Agency that many women who left their Chinese husbands to return home are pregnant.

“Now what will the women do with these babies after birth,” he said, referring to the difficult single-parenting roles they will have to take up.

Last week, Pakistani authorities launched a crackdown against Chinese nationals who are allegedly involved in human trafficking and organ trade.

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) in Islamabad has so far arrested 79 Chinese and Pakistani citizens who are suspected of being involved in trafficking using cross-border marriages, local broadcaster Dunya News reported.

An investigation team from Beijing has also arrived in Islamabad to help Pakistani authorities.

CPEC marriages

Photos of a Chinese and Pakistani couple appeared in a local newspaper in November 2017 as the first of what began to be referred by the media as “CPEC marriages”.

So far, no official data is available with authorities regarding such marriages in Pakistan, however, Iqbal puts the figure in hundreds.

Banners have been displayed in low-income Christian-majority areas of cities announcing matrimonial ads and incentives for girls who marry into Chinese families.

“Long-live Pakistan-China friendship. Attention: Christian girls from needy, poor and respectable families wanted for marriage in China; all expenses to be borne by groom, no education needed for bride,” reads a banner displayed in Youhanabad, one such area in the northeastern city of Lahore.

Such incentives are viewed as a godsend for poor families in a country where marriages are often marked by hefty dowries paid to the groom.

“I removed these banners and asked the community to steer away from these people,” Iqbal said, adding that the Chinese men even married disabled and minor girls.

Interviews with members of the affected Christian community suggest the Chinese men gave $4,000-5,000 per bride to their local facilitators who paid $1,000-2,500 to the parents.

Christians, Pakistan’s largest religious minority, account for roughly 3% of the country’s total population of around 207 million. Most of them reside in Punjab, Pakistan’s largest province, where they are mainly involved in the sanitation, nursing and teaching sectors.

However, not all marriages have a sad ending.

Sophia, a Pakistani Christian woman from Lahore, got married to a Chinese engineer who works for the CPEC.

“I am happy with him,” she says, adding that she visited China last year and spent a month there.

Rights group urge action

The Human Rights Watch in a report released last month urged authorities in both countries to take action against gangs involved in human trafficking.

“We notice that recently some unlawful matchmaking centers made illegal profits from brokering cross-national marriages,” the New York-based watchdog said.

“Both Pakistan and China should take seriously increasing evidence that Pakistani women and girls are at risk of sexual slavery in China and take effective measures to end bride trafficking,” it urged.

China has rejected the media reports of forced prostitution and sale of human organs of Pakistani girls.

“Several media reports have fabricated facts and spread rumors. According investigation by our Ministry of Public Security, there is no proof of forced prostitution or sale of human organs of Pakistani women who stay in China after marriage,” the Chinese Embassy in Islamabad said in a statement.

Pakistan Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammad Faisal said they are addressing complaints filed by aggrieved citizens and are collaborating with Chinese authorities in the investigation.

Essay On Animal Farm And The Russian Revolution

by Rosental

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Massachusetts to Explore Online Gambling Raging Bull Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes 2018 Legalization

by Rosental

Massachusetts to Explore Online Gambling Legalization

Massachusetts has indicated curiosity about taking a look at the legalization and legislation of on line gambling as an appealing opportunity for the expansion of its gambling industry.

A unique commission has been put up and will be charged with the accountable task to carry out an extensive review on ‘economic development, consumer protection joe fortune casino no deposit bonus codes, taxation, appropriate and regulatory structures’ as well as other crucial things which can be often related to the development of new guidelines. On line gambling and fantasy that is daily would be the payment’s primary topics of interest.

Sen. Eileen Donoghue and Rep. Joseph Wagner have been appointed to lead the newly created human body, formally named A commission that is special on Gaming, Fantasy Sports Gaming, and frequent Fantasy Sports. The payment was established being a total derive from the online casino signup bonus no deposit approval of a bill that legalized fantasy contests within the state. Adopted in come early july, the law is placed to expire on 31, 2018 july. Which means then, the state may have to wait for a little (or not so little) longer before seeing legalized and regulated iGaming and daily fantasy sports industries if no further adequate actions towards the creation of an effective regulatory framework are taken until.

Sen. Donoghue has told media that payment people will meet every 4-6 weeks to discuss matters become contained in their research. They want to finish their research by the end of July 2017 cool cat casino no deposit bonus codes. Read more

Exactly How Much CBD Oil Should I Offer My Dog? – CBD Dosage Chart for Dogs

by Rosental

July 31, 2018 By Sherry Chen

And that means you’ve done your quest and discovered the best CBD oil for the dog. So what now? You’re probably wondering, “How much CBD oil must I provide my dog?”

CBD oil for dogs is just a way that is great assist market your pet’s holistic health, but finding out just the right CBD dosage to offer your dog could be a challenge.

We created helpful information that may help you figure out the CBD that is right dosage your dog. Things to consider consist of your dog’s weight, the seriousness of their condition or ailment, and kind of CBD item you will be going for. We additionally answer the typical concern of whether or not your dog can experience a CBD overdose.

As a prominent veterinarian that is holistic pioneer in cannabis for animals, we followed Dr. Robert J. Silver’s CBD dosage suggestions and developed a handy CBD dosage chart. This printable guide shows precalculated dosage amounts based on your pet’s weight.

Click below to jump ahead towards the chart, or keep reading to find out more about CBD dosage for dogs.

CBD Dosage for Dogs

In most cases of thumb, Dr. Robert J. Silver advises a tiered dosage framework in terms of determining the proper CBD dosage for dogs.

What is a dosage structure that is tiered?

A dosage that is tiered just involves beginning with a tremendously low dosage quantity, and slowly working your way up to a more powerful dosage over a long time period. This dosage method will allow you to ensure that you’re not giving your dog too much CBD at any time, and can let them acclimate to each dosage as required.

CBD Dosage for Pets: Tiered Construction

  • Minimal end: 0.05 mg/lb x twice daily
  • Center: 0.125 mg/lb x twice daily
  • High-end: 0.25 mg/lb x twice daily

As an example, let’s state your pet is 25 pounds. Read more

Smoop: Teaching Critical Technology Thinking

by Rosental

Smoop: Teaching Critical Technology Thinking

As the end-of-school bell rings, middle schoolers immediately reach into sweatshirt pockets and colorful backpacks to reunite with their smartphones. Suddenly, the frenzy of voices is joined by the ding of new messages. Amidst the clanging lockers, students pose for photos with friends and giggle at the latest Snapchat filters. Even goodbye waves are accompanied with reminders to send messages or add each other to the latest group chat.

In their personal lives and in schools, most students eagerly embrace innovative technology and quickly gain tech fluency especially when it comes to smartphones. While proficient technology use is important, it’s not enough to prepare students to make thoughtful decisions. As the world’s future decision makers, our students must wrestle with the costs, benefits, promises, and perils of technology. National Geographic reporter Robert Draperpoints out that technology often offers the best and worst at the exact same time. In other words, most new tech isn’t all good or all bad. New infrared cameras can help save endangered pandas, for example, but they can also subject us to Orwellian surveillance.

In order for students to critically evaluate the technology they use, they need more than how-to classes. Proficient smartphone use doesn’t mean you can reasonably consider how it’s impacting your life or when you should put your phone away to focus on other things. Learning to code is great but it doesn’t prepare you to consider the way algorithms shape the social media world. Instead of just teaching students how to use technology, let’s also teach them how to think about it.

Below, I offer a few suggestions for where to start if you want to integrate critical technology thinking into your classroom.

Take a Reasoned View

Before you jump into tech conversations with your students, take a moment to examine your own views. Are you preoccupied with a new app’s possibility for bullying? Are you enamored by the ways a new device will make your life better?

Dana Boyd, author of It’s Complicated: The Social Lives of Networked Teens, points out that teachers, along with most adults, are typically divided into two tech-thinking camps: techno-utopians embrace technology as the solution to massive world problems while cyber-dystopians panic over the dire possibilities of each new change. Both schools of thought have merit, but neither is enough to teach our students how to thoughtfully analyze technological possibilities. When students think about miniscule new cameras, for example, they must use both views: On one hand, the smaller cameras may allow citizens to expose harsh government actions but they may also broadcast personal conversations without consent. Instead of falling into an extreme view, adopt a reasoned approach that considers benefits as well as costs.

Teaching Tech Through Literacy

Teaching how to think about technology doesn’t mean that you just load up on expensive computers or equipment. When we consider critical digital consumption as more than a how-to guide, we can build the conversations into lessons in many subjects.

During a recent fellowship at Tulsa Institute For Teachers with Dr. Denise Dutton, I researched ways to teach critical technology skills without being tied book summaries for students to a specific piece of technology. Literature, for example, offers plenty of opportunities. Consider Jean Craighead George’s 1959 novel ‘My Side of the Mountain,’ a text I used in my own 5th grade classroom. In the fictional, pre-internet world, protagonist Sam Gribley runs away from home and makes a life in the woody Catskill Mountains. The book offers a perfect backdrop to discuss how tech has changed the coming-of-age experience. How would Sam’s experience be different if he could just use GPS to find his destination? Would he have avoided mistakes and their accompanying discoveries if he could watch a Youtube tutorial for how to make a fire?

A novel written before a new technology comes into vogue isn’t out-of-date; it’s an opportunity to discuss how technology changes the way we live and interact. Mine your bookshelves and library turntables for texts that work for your class.

Read Up

While you probably can’t cover every area of technological influence, there are plenty of smart books about the way technology is changing our students’ lives. If you’re concerned about the way that devices impact student interaction, check out MIT professor Sherry Turkle’s work. Her latest book, Reclaiming Conversation: The Power of Talk in a Digital Agefocuses on how technology impacts student talk. Alone Together, also by Turkle, is a research-heavy take on how technology impacts relationships and peer connections. Another text to check out is Alan Lightman’s recently released book In Praise of Wasting Time in which he analyzes the cumulative impact of the constant connectivity made possible by smartphones, laptops, and smartwatches. A quick trip to your library or local bookstore will yield additional options.

No matter what subject you teach, consider integrating critical technology thinking. You don’t have to be a master coder, viral Youtuber, or cutting-edge social media user to guide students towards thoughtful digital consumption. Instead, think about how to leverage books or lessons that you already have. Our students need more than new gadgets to navigate the ever-evolving world of technology.

EducationWorld is pleased to present this article contributed by C.M. Rubin. The piece is part of Rubin’s online interview series Global Search for Education, in which she joins thought leaders as they explore big-picture education questions that all nations face. For this series and her other online series “How Will We Read?”, she received a 2011 Upton Sinclair award. Rubin is also the author of three bestselling books, including The Real Alice in Wonderland.

Flash forward a decade or so. How do we feel about girls and games today? How do we feel about our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) issues? And how do we feel about using games to help students grasp difficult math and science concepts–games that let them actively engage with learning?Doom, Duke Nukem, Abe’s Oddysee, Driver, Enter the Matrix…I watched as my husband and his business partners launched some of the biggest games in the world. ‘Is this just a guy thing?’ I wondered. What about girls? Girls wanna play games, too. ‘There is no market for girl games,’ explained the male marketing director. ‘Oh really?”

I am pleased to welcome Lucien Vattel, CEO and founder of GameDesk, and Asi Burak, President of Games for Change, to talk about Girls and Games.

Are there games that promote STEM that are created for girls? What are some of the best learning games for girls?

Asi Burak: I belong to the camp that believes that the games industry only scratches the surface in terms of potential mainstream audiences, and the breadth of issues and genres we can tackle, beyond what we’re seeing today. Fortunately, some developers and publishers recognize the huge opportunity and necessity to address girls, especially with STEM games. Our only barriers are legacy, public perception and norms. A good example, and relatively new, is PBS’s SciGirls – a TV show that is accompanied by online games and activities.

There are also bold efforts that directly aim at ‘converting’ girls into game developers, designers and coders such as Girlstart, Girls Who Code and the initiative by Dell and the Girl Scouts called Be The Game Developer. What these efforts have in common is the belief and understanding that girls and women MUST be part of this emerging medium, both as consumers and as creators.

Lucien Vattel: There are many games currently designed, particularly in the science and math areas, where female perspective is definitely taken into the design. There aren’t a lot of girl-focused games, but definitely the design-learning type games — what we call mobile sandbox type games — are targeted to girls, especially in the design and engineering process. Look at the effort being made in MineCraftEdu, for example — the amount of girl contributions is highly significant. The different sandbox type games that are out there now put kids in a position to openly design and explore, and a lot of the inventor games have kids construct Rube Goldberg or simple machines. There’s a fantastic game called Newton’s Playground that focuses on bridging natural creativity to engineering and has shown a lot of promise with the girl population.

On the bright side, there is more debate around this than ever before, and more programs and products that try to change the equation. So I’m optimistic, but it may take longer than we’d like.

Generally speaking, games are mostly developed by men and most of the big game companies are run by men. Do you think that has an impact on the appeal of the end product? Do you think there are any strategies that might be used to make the end product appealing to both girls and boys?

Asi Burak: I am confident it has a tremendous impact. The Game Developers Conference (GDC) brings together in San Francisco more than 20,000 game developers every year to discuss and engage with the latest and most exciting ideas around game design and development. However, when I look around, 90% of the attendees are white males. People in the industry speak about the lack of diversity more than ever before, but change is slow. According to the last figures I’ve seen, only 10% of the folks who work in the games industry are females. If you dig deeper and look for hard-core coders or designers, you would find only 3-4% females. Naturally, that affects the types of games being developed. It’s a chicken and egg cycle – if girls don’t find games that speak to them, and are not encouraged to become ‘gamers,’ then there is less incentive for the big publishers and developers to make products for them.

Lucien Vattel: Without a doubt, that is absolutely the case. However, in the general independent games arena, there’s been a lot of really fantastic, unique and different games that come out of girl development groups and girl-driven design groups. That hasn’t completely permeated the education space yet, but there’s an incredible amount of designers who are women. I think if you look at a game called Reach for the Sun, there were a lot of female designers on that game. So, I think the strategy to create games appealing to both boys and girls is simple — hire more women/girls.

Asi Burak: Absolutely. I was really happy to learn that Robin Hunicke, who keynoted the 2013 Games for Change Festival, is one of the faces of the Google campaign. We need big efforts and aggressive campaigns to change the very imbalanced picture. It’s great to see Robin, Leigh Alexander, Jane McGonigal, Brenda Romero and other thought-leaders emerging and changing the public perception of what the games industry is all about and what games are. At the Games for Change Festival, 50% of our speakers are females. Part of it is our intention, but the other part has to do with more females pushing the boundaries of the medium. We partnered with Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn on ‘Half the Sky Movement’ to create four games specifically designed around the empowerment of women and girls. Perhaps the best evidence that change is coming: our Facebook game has reached over 1.3 million players, and 80% of them are female. There is a clear demand for high-quality experience for women and girls; we just need to make sure we change the supply side.What do you think of the Google initiative to encourage girls to code? Will it help?

Lucien, can you tell us about games specifically related to developing math and science skills?

Geomoto focuses on earth science and geoscience through two games: Continental Drift and Plate Tectonics. This is an interactive set of games that uses LEAP Motion technology to teach players about these scientific concepts.

Continental Drift is a puzzle game that encourages players to recognize patterns and use information to make hypotheses, test theories and use reverse engineering techniques to understand geological models. The students’ mission is to return present-day Earth to its Pangea state.

We’ve found that the LEAP Motion technology, which tracks hand movement, resonates with female students, and they are more easily able to grasp difficult scientific concepts by engaging in natural, physical movements. Plate Tectonics allows students to virtually create geographic features by pulling, smashing and grinding tectonic plates together. This game also uses the LEAP Motion Controller, allowing players to produce the motion of the plates using hand gestures. Initial challenges focus on exposure to the vocabulary surrounding plate tectonics, with later levels requiring specific observations about the structures created from the plate collisions.

Mathmaker is a remedial math program that has a long history of helping at-risk students attending large urban schools struggling to reach proficient levels in mathematics. Students engage in a carefully structured series of game-making activities that require them to grapple with and apply mathematic standards in game design, game logic and game programming activities. The curriculum is designed to improve students’ mathematic proficiency, increase students’ motivation in math and positively impact students’ STEM identities.

Mathmaker was used in a pilot program in a California high school, and the data demonstrated strong quantitative and qualitative results, with an increase of an average of 20 percent on mathematics proficiency tests. Additionally, 80 percent of students posted math content improvements from pre to post-tests. The Mathmaker program allows students to create their own games by applying mathematic principles, and this allows students to create and produce games they want to play.

When given the tools to create games, we found female students to be incredibly creative, and we actually hosted a games course at a Southern California high school specifically for female students. We not only learned that a lot of girls were interested in games and game development, but also that the games they created had to do with social, cultural and emotional interactions, which is a growing market in the video game industry focusing on female players.

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